Black Limousine

Limousine – the perfect choice for weddings, prom, student, birthdays and surprises. Here you can enjoy an elegant and stylish interior with a 2.5 meter long champagne bar in hardwood / carbon fiber as well as black leather upholstery and 3 ice compartments for drinks. The car is also equipped with an iPad and a magnificent sound system for the discerning. Elegant Extended to an unparalleled 8.6 meters by “Krystal” in the USA, the host’s largest manufacturer of Luxury Limousines. Really cheeky fiber optics and neon lights up the ceiling in varying colors and most TV screens show modern music videos. The bar is also lit with neon for the right Las Vegas feel. Here we have not saved on gunpowder!

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inside black limo 1

Don’t just arrive, make an entrance!

Black Limousine

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • Extended to 8.6 meters
  • V8 på 240 hk
  • Fiber optics & neon
  • Limousine Malmö och Skåne
  • 2 screens
  • Double AC
  • Powerful sound system with bass box and Infinity speakers
  • iPad with over 1000 songs and WiFi connection
  • Bar with ice bath, champagne & whiskey glasses, napkins and candies
  • Two Champagne holders
  • Imported from Las Vegas, USA
  • Wedding door
  • Partition
  • BroBiz
  • Led lamps

The little extra …

Do you want us to arrange a delicatessen waiting for you when you get in the limousine? Why not a beautiful bouquet of flowers with balloons. A tasty surprise for your loved ones is always appreciated and looks really elegant against a white limousine.

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