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Event Limousine is based in Glumslöv and has an office in Malmö. Garage in Malmö & Helsingborg. Event Limousine was founded in 2011. We hold a traffic permit issued by the Swedish Transport Agency and the vehicles are approved by the car test for professional passenger traffic. Our drivers hold a taxi driver’s ID. We are insured with Svetax. Approved for F tax. We are located throughout Skåne and have “long-distance traffic” to, for example, Halmstad, Kristianstad, Gothenburg and Stockholm. We specialize in weddings, events, private and corporate, as well as representative transportation.
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Here we have gathered our partners. We like to network and together we can offer customers better service and quality. Event Limousine intends to sign agreements with partners to help with new and old customers. We believe that with a luxurious setting, we can attract customers to our companies. We put each other’s links on their respective websites, and do certain activities together. Call us and we’ll tell you more. Phone: 073-978 5001 or e-mail us at: info@eventlimousine.se

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Good to know

What type of limo do you have?
We have chosen to only work with Lincoln Town Car Super Stretch Limo!

How do you pay for the trip?
Stripe Online
Cash directly to the driver

Can we be invoiced at our company?

Can you bring your own drink?
It goes well as our limo has a bar with ice, Champagne glasses and Whiskey glasses.

How many can you be in a limousine?
We take a maximum of 8 passengers / Limo

No Alcohol is included in the price when you rent a Limo from us. But it is good to bring your own alcohol if you are old…

All our Limousines are equipped with seat belts for all 8 passengers. We encourage you to use them while traveling for your safety.
If you want to have children in the limousine, there are no problems. We have seat cushions and highchairs that can be brought on demand.
It is not allowed to lean out or in any way have a body part outside the window when driving. We know that students want to be seen and waved at, for example, prom & student. It’s totally ok, but inside the window!
A maximum of 8 passengers can travel in a Limousine!

If boredom arises…
An accident happens so easily and in most cases we do not charge a fee for it. But in some cases when the customer is not careful and follows common sense, we charge a fee for damage and the like. We also reserve the right to cancel the assignment if the driver thinks it has gone too far and the customer does not listen to the call for caution. We do not refund any money if customers cause problems!


Smoking in a limousine 5.000 Kr
Damage 5.000 Kr
Vomiting 3.000 Kr
Glass 200 Kr / st
Extra cleaning 500 Kr

+ any workshop cost

When you rent a Limo from us, you can expect the best possible Service, Discretion and Punctuality!

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